Can I now apply for H 1B-visa for the year 2017

Since it’s month of June now so can I apply for H 1B-visa for the year 2017. Is it mandatory to have a visa sponser before applying for it?? As an individual can’t I apply for the same and then search for the job or filing application for H 1B-visa can only be done either by the employer or by any paid consultancy firm??

H-1 has to be applied by an employer and not you. If you can find an employer, then they can apply in April 2017 for FY-18 now. DO NOT fall a prey to recruiting agencies who take money for H-1 filings.

I appreciate ur response, thanks… So you are saying that H 1B visa can only be applied in the month of April and not in any other month of the fiscal year.
Also I know few recruiting agencies/consultants (like Y Axis, Right Click Systems) who file H 1B visa from their client behalf by providing job opportunities, although they charge for their services. I also have doubts about their authenticity/reliability, do you have any idea about these consultants??
how authentic are they??

I don’t know about these companies but your concerns are valid. Lot of such agencies take money but never file H-1 petition for you. You end up running from posts to pillars to recover the money. You will have to do your own research on finding eligible employers.

By law, you are NOT required to pay anything for H-1 petition.