Can I move to new location while amendment is in process?

My employer filed an original petition for Location A, which was approved and later he filed an amendment for Location B. The amendment petition for Location B was still under progress when I got my Visa stamped.

My question is that can I move to location B while it is still pending? or I have to wait for approval before entering Location B.

If you have the receipt notice of amendment, you can proceed to start working.

Thanks for the prompt reply! This will be my first trip to US. Do I have to carry original amendment receipt notice or print out will work.

How about just physically moving to the new location? I have a similar situation. I do not have a start date at the new location, infact the company is willing to give me a start date after I get the receipt of H1 amendment.

I want to know if I can physically move and work from home for the old location until I get my receit?