Can i modify the description of the job duties as a response to my RFE

Hi, the H1 B petition applied by my employer received RFE requesting the below.

Detailed description of the job duties, Client Letter, Valid Contract/Sow between client and my employer.

As my employer had already submitted the detailed description of the job duties in the H1 application form, now IS it ok to modify the description of the job as a response to RFE? Will they cross verify at any stage and raise questions as there are differences in the duties given before and the duties given as a response to RFE(though i understand it is not good to completely change the job duties, rather it can be given more descriptive), but wanted to confirm if they would need elloborative job duties? or is it some other reason that they need the detailes description of the job duties again now?

That may be tricky. Do job duties warrant change in job title/description as well. I guess minor tweaks may be ok, but re-writing that could be an issue.

What is your attorney suggesting?