Can I leave us after appling green card

I came to Us via H1b last year may. This may my company would initiate green card process. I may go under eb2 as I have 5 + years exp at India in same company.pls confirm?

Next I wanted to leave us by Dec 2016 due to personal reason

But I wanted to come back later once I get approved I 140 so that my husband can work

Can this possible? Will my green card process go smoothly if I am n India? Do I need to be here for perm or i140 approval stage

Yes, if your employer agrees then GC can be applied and continue to be processed while you are outside of US.

Thank you so much for taking time to answer questions.

At which stage I should be back in Us …is there any thing mandatory for it

Can I go under EB2?

You may be eligible for EB-2. This is something your attorney and employer will have to confirm as it depends upon your profile and also the requirements for the offered GC position.

You should be in US by the time I-485 needs to be applied, so that it can be applied w/ AoS. If not, you will have to appear for immigrant visa interview at a consulate.