Can I have two approved H1Bs?

I have two H1B petitions from two different employers (A and B). Both petitions were picked in the 2017 lottery. I am currently working with employer A. I asked employer B to withdraw/revoke/cancel my H1B application so that I can have only one approved H1B. Employer B said they cannot do that at this point (before H1B is approved). Once it is approved they can revoke it.


  1. Is it possible for me to have two approved H1Bs from two different employers?

  2. Will 2 H1B petitions create any problem during H1B approval process? Will USCIS deny both the petition during approval process if they find out I have multiple H1B petitions from two employers?

  3. What should be my next move?

Of course you can have 2 applications in the pipeline. Its upto you who you interview with. No need to withdraw anything…thats for the employer to worry about.