Can I go to USA with old visa if I defer the admission for next season after getting F1 visa stamp?


I had taken appointment for visa interview on 27th July, 2016 and finally I have got F1 visa for USA! Orientation class of my university is on 23rd August, 2016! But due to some problem on my family, I will stay in my home country ( Nepal) at least few month, which will make me unable to reach the University within the deadline of this fall Season( 23rd August). So, I have been thinking about to defer my admission for spring 2017 (where the orientation class is on 16th January, 2017)!

But I am afraid of with imaging the probable trouble; realted to visa and many more that I might have to face If I do defer the admission! So before going to finalise my decision I would like to humbly ask few questions with you.

  1. If I do defer my admission for spring, can I get a permission to go to the USA for same university with this visa; that I have already got OR I should again take the appointment for new visa?

  2. what I have heard that visa shouldnot more than 120 days old before arriving at USA! If it is so, my visa would be more than 120 days old when I will depart for USA because I will only get permission to arrive USA upto 30 days prior to start date on my new I-20 ( I think start date will be 17th Jan 2017 in my new I-20)!

  3. Is it necessary to demand new I-20 from my university for the enrollment from spring season?

I hope I will get “authentic and trusted” reply of my email and further remedial suggestions as soon as possible from you.


Your stamped visa is valid through the dates mentioned in the stamp - it does not matter when you travel, However, a valid I-20, the university approval of deferment decision and an active SEVIS record are necessary for entry into the US. Hope this helps.