Can I go to the interview woth the DS160 confirmation page or..?

When i was filling up the DS160 form application i was not in reach of printer at the time. . . So when i wanted to print out it only allowed me to print out the confirmation page. Is it kay to go to the interview with the confirmation page, or I’ll need the actual DS160 form with me?

Also, i paied the visa fee, and i got informed through email that that they have received the money and that i can go to the website to make an appointment, but when i went on the website and logged in, it said that its still waiting to be payed. What’s going on with that?

For the interview just the DS160 confirmation page is sufficient. Dont need of other pages of DS160.

Some times after the payment, it might takes a day to get the payment stuff to be updated. So i would suggest not to be panic and wait for another a day or two make everything clear. then you can book an appointment happily.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for answering. For the DS160 form i don’t have to woory than…and for the payment part…i really don’t know how that site got my email…but it must of been through the embassy…so they restarted the payment page…and it worked after that.