Can I go to india while H1b extension


My h1bvisa has expired, my h1b and my wife h4 is in extension process. Can my wife travel to india Even I didn’t get my status approval.

Pleas let me know on this



i dont see any issue with dependent’s travel. If you travel, it would be a problem.

When are dependents’ visa stamps expiring?

Dependents visa was also expired on October 10th.

Thanks for your response
Dependents visa also expired on October 10th

Then they would have to appear for visa stamping before returning to US. This in turn requires your 797 to be approved. If they can wait until your petition gets approved, then go for it; else its better to delay the travel/return. You can also decide to upgrade your petition to PP so that you can receive a quicker decision.

Ok thanks for your response
One more thing while my visa is in extension Can I apply visa for my parents
Please let me know

I think so, but I would recommend waiting until you have the approval notice.

Thank you so much for your immediate response