can i go for stamping with employer A while it is in transfer stage with B

HI ,

i got selected in lottery in 2017 with my current employer. but they were not having plan to send people to USA as they wanted to grow in India. so didnt send me for stamping as well.

so i have decided to transfer my H1B and i found one US based company who stared the transfer under Premium processing.

now new company filed new petition for transfer and its almost 4 weeks over but they were not giving me any update. they are not even sharing me with receipt notice.

i wonder wether they got RFE or something.

now my original company is trying to retain me and ready to send me to USA. so they are ready for stamping.

so can i go for stamping with my current employer with whome i got approval already with transfer in in process and transfer receipt also generated.

your reply is appritiated.


You can go for stamping as long as you are working with them, having another petition pending will not affect.