Can I go for extended H1 visa stamping before expiry of current H1visa


I have valid US visa until august 5 2015, My employer applied for H1B extension, once i get H1 extension i need to travel to india in June first week 2015 and come back to US in July first week 2015, Should i go for US Visa stamping in June 2015 because my visa will expire in august 2015 also i have will have 3 years H1 extension as well. Please suggest what to do as my current visa is not expired still can i go for visa stamping with new H1 extension ?

You can get it stamped but I personally would not recommend going for stamping since you will reenter before your already stamped H1B expires.

Also, I am not very sure if reentry would be allowed without confusions since your existing H1B will be voided as soon as new H1B is stamped and new H1B may or may not become active till Aug 6th. I believe one can enter 10 days before Visa is active which indicates July 26/27th but you want to reenter in first week of July.
It’s a boundary condition and hence falls in grey area.

Consult your immigration lawyer for legal suggestion since my/someone else’s reply will be based on personal experiences and YMMV

Read on another blog that Visa Officer rejected one’s visa in a similar case:


Good luck and let us know what course of action you took and how it worked out for you.