Can I go back to my country on my F1 visa? I changed status from b1 to f1

I came on a visit visa that is b1/b2, I changed my status to F1 here. It’s been almost a year now that I have been living here. My question to you is about going back to my home country. I have heard from people that once you come here and change your status to F1, you do not get a permission to go back to your country and come back. Like once you go back, you will need to schedule an interview to come back to U.S. Is that true?

Yes, that’s the process w/ any visa type. To enter US and be on a particular visa, you need to have that visa stamp in your passport. This means, you need to go for F-1 visa stamping.

Can I do it while staying here in United States?

If you plan to leave US, then stamping is the only way to return to US. If you decide not to leave US, then no stamping comes into play.

And is this process of stamping easy? Like is it easy to get?

That Depends… They wil ask the reason for B1 to F1 conversion and all

Like Rana mentioned, it varies from case to case. Besides looking at B-1 to F-1 conversion, they will also look at your funds, whether you are a possible immigrant or not, background check (as you seem to have a common muslim name).

But if I put through it, like if I have a genuine reason, there is a possibility of getting that stamp done right?

If you have the right reason, and all the required documents, chances of approval are higher. Still there is always a chance of running into 221g, so have contingency plans.

Oh, okay. Now I understand.
Thankyou guys, you were a great help for me. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


I have the same situation as you and I really need to go back to my country. I know that I have to schedule an appointment again. I wanted to know if you already went back and could get the visa again?? I heard it can be risky.