Can I get the H1B visa on December 2013?


Just 2 weeks back I applied for a job based in USA with company A. Now the recruiter of that job is making some hopeful conversation(Hope I will get the job) with me. But I am not going to work for Company A, but for Company A’s clients. If suppose I was selected for this position,Is it possible to get the H1b visa on this December 2013?or Should I wait till 1st April 2014 to file my petition? Already I am having L1B visa for my current employer. But now I am working in India only. I really don’t understand about how they are going to proceed? Why did they contact me at this time? I am confused little bit. Please explain.



U can file H1B only from April 1st 2014… and Can start working only from October 1st 2014