Can i get SSN number before i get the card by mail.

My H4 to H1 with COS which is effective from October 1st.

My client is asking for SSN number for background check which needs to be completed before i join.

I went to SSN office last week they asked me to come after october 1st 2013.

I understand that i will be able to apply my SSN on October 1st and it will take 2 weeks to get the SSN card by mail.

But i have read in few forums that we can goto SSN office with ID proof and get the SSN number before the card is delivered in mail. it that true?. Because with out SSN number i will not be able to join.

Please suggest.

Logically speaking, you cannot apply for SSN or get SSN before October 1st. The reason is that You cannot apply for SSN, when you are on H4 and your status change kicks in only on October 1st. SSN office will look at your I-94 that is part of the I-797 approval notice applied with COS and then factor that towards the SSN application. Unfortunately, you do NOT have a choice, other than waiting.

Yes i agree with you. But if i apply SSN on October 1st then the next day can i go to SSA office with a ID proof to get the SSN number alone. Because SSN card will be mailed to my address and it will take 2 to 3 weeks but i need the SSN number to give to my client for background check .

You cannot get the SSN Number from the SSA office. You can call their customer service to get the SSN number after verification, only if the application is processed. Read this from SSA website :

Also, read this to see the underlying SSN format and its importance : What is Social Security Number (SSN) ? Importance - Identity Theft ? - RedBus2US

In the same website,they have mentioned " we can Let you know the Social Security number we have assigned to you before you receive the card in the mail.".
here is the link:

Great ! Your issue solved !

I want to know my SSN. I have applied for it but can i know the number before it reaches me by mail? I saw the post and link to know SSN before it reaches me by mail but cannot find exact adequate info on the same. Can anyone help please?