Can i get OPT after transferring to different university after dismissal?

Hello Admin,

I am in dire need of help. I have planned to graduate in May 2014 but i screwed up one subject in last semester and my overal gpa went to 2.9. I got my post completion opt approved and started working for an employer from June 23rd 2014. I have registered for one course in Fall 2014 to bring my gpa to 3.0 so that i can graduate in december 2014. But the university is planning to dismiss me for not maintaining 3.0 gpa in last 3 semesters. If they dismiss me i will lose my opt and have to transfer to different university

So if i am dismissed,

  1. Can i stay in US and apply for another universities? If yes, how long can i stay?

  2. I didnt graduate from school A but took post-completion opt. Suppose if i get admission from school B, after graduation can i apply for OPT again from school B? This is not my second masters i am just trasnferring to other university. I will be getting my first masters degree upon completing coursework at school B

I am also in similar situation . Please guide us …