Can I get into any top B-school?


I have a degree in media and 3 years of work ex. I scored decent marks in school (80s) and completed my graduation with first division. I would like to try for the top 20 B-schools in the US for MBA but my academic qualifications aren’t that impressive. I have a great CV as far as work is concerned.

If I get a good GMAT score, what else will I need to be considered by something like UCLA if not Harvard.
I believe I can spend around 60-80lakhs on education, money shouldn’t be a problem. But what can I do to be considered by a good school that could help me find a job in Silicon Valley as a marketing executive? I would eventually like to work in the marketing teams of places like Google and Microsoft.

Yes, you can ! You will be considered. Admission decisions are not solely based on one factor. When you apply to a top B-School, they look at various aspects like why you want to do MBA, what is the value that their degree program can add. They will look at your SOP, your goal for MBA, etc.
Make sure your SOP clearly articulates your passion for higher education and how it will help you accomplish your end goal…You need good GMAT as most of these school have a cut off. Do search the schools websites and get some data.
You have no reason to doubt that you cannot get in, just believe in yourself and ace the GMAT and go for it !