Can I get H1b visa in seven days through immigration lawyer

I got one job offer from US company and they given me the details of immigration lawyer. The lawyer told me that he will get H1b visa with in seven days and there is No interview for visa stamping. He is asking application fee for the visa.

The job is offered is at Sep 2012 and Joining Date is Nov 2012

I want to know is it a scam or original?

You are not supposed to pay for the visa fee. It is illegal to pay for teh visa out of your pocket, the company that hired you has to pay for it.

What kind of company is this?

If it is a non-profit organisation/ research institution / university they can file for a H1B now, if not the H1B quota for this year got filed in June itself and you cannot apply until April 1st 2013. April 1st is when the new quota opens up.

I guess you are in India.

You can get I-129 petition approval within 15 days by Premium processing option. If petition approved, you must have H1B visa stamped on your passport before entering to the US. There is no visa without interview. Before proceeding, take advise from another lawyer. Do not give money to anybody… Report any scam to local authority…

It looks like a scam. The H-1 cap is over for the year, and it cannot be filed until April 2013. Do not pay them a penny.