Can I get H1B Extension or Clock reset

First time, I came US in Oct 2007 and worked till April 2011 , After that I stayed outside of US for 1 year and 9 months (Dates May 1st 2011 - Feb 8th 2013).   


1. Would USCIS consider this period when I 'll file for H1B extension in 2014.


2. Because new employer use the same petition to file my H1B under cap exempt quota, Can I get I-94 with another 3 years using clock reset as I stayed outside of US ?

Youe 6 years clock should have been reset since you stayed more than one year outside US.

Please read my post and vote for this petition and spread the word to others:

That and you go through the cap again. Just staying outside of US for 1 year doesn’t reset the clock automatically.