Can I file new H1B with the same employer this year (April 2013)?


I filed for H1b last year (April 2012) however, after RFE there was a denial. The reason for the denial was employer-employee relationship as the client letter was not submitted. Now, the client letter is there, should I take the risk to file with the same employer? I am currently working on CPT for the last 14 months. My employer is a desi IT company and I am working in a health care (pharma) field. Do you think this could have been the potential reason for denying the visa though this was not mentioned as a reason on the denial notice.

If the documents are in-line with the guidelines and accurate then you should not have an issue. If the reason for denial was the client letter and the client letter is there now then you shold go ahead with filing in April. Do not worry about being in health care. Not all H1’s work in banking & finance.