Can I file H1 while on B1 and travel back to india

At the first, thank you for all your efforts and time for all of us.

I hold a valid B1 and will be travelling in March to US for training, my next potential employer wants to file my H1, here are my queries.

  1. My employer wants me to stay in US till I get my H1 approval but since I’m travelling on B1, I want to come back to india in April (after filling the H1 petition) as my intent on B1 is to come bacl (ethical)
  2. will my return to India will hamper my petition and how soon should I return back to US.
  3. since my H1 petition will have I194 and my return in April will will make it void, what will happen to apprval (assuming I get H1 approval)

thanks much in advance – Shy

Return to india will not hamper ur H1, however being in US and COS from B1 to H1 is a bit tough…

H1 approval process wil go as it is