Can I file for my wife H4 by July 2013?



I have got my H1 approved by April 2013 and it will be start on the oct 2013. I have below questions. Appreciate if someone can help me on this.


1) when i can file for my wife H4? She is in India right now

2) she got refusal 3 time for the f2visa, will it be impact?

3) [b]I am on F1 visa till oct 2013 and I am currently working as well- should it be impact?[/b]

[b]4) can I file for her H4 visa in July 2013? If so when she can come after getting the visa? [/b]

5) what are the require documents? 


Please help on this, since I am on f1 right now, I want make sure before I file for h4 to my wife.



  1. She can appear for H-4 visa stamping anytime now.

  2. No, it doesn’t. But she needs to be truthful about those rejections in her interview and DS-160 form

  3. Assuming you are working on valid OPT, it should be fine

  4. Yes, it can be filed in July. She can enter around Oct 1 or later on H-4

  5. Your H-1 documents, current OPT documents