Can I extend H-1B petition/visa without travelling to US?

Here’s my situation:

I have H1B petition approved and it is valid from Jan 11, 2013 till Jan 10,2014.My employer
says currently there is no opportunity for me in US. So please clarify my below
questions. (Please note I am in bond with my current employer until Dec 2013. So
I can’t find another employer too):

  1. Once my petition expires in Jan 2014, is there any chance I can extend it or
    should I again file a new petition under the same CAP and undergo all the process
    (like lottery system, verification etc)

  2. If I can file a new petition anytime and need not wait till next April, then what is the timeline to file the petition to USCIS?

  3. To extend my petition or to file a new petition under same CAP, should I have been
    travelled to US atleast once?

  4. What if I get H1-B stamping but dont’ travel to US before Jan 2014? In this case,can I extend my Visa period in India?

  5. What is the process to extend H-1B visa (incase my employer sends me for stamping but not to US !) in India. Also
    please brief me the process to extend/file a petition before my current petition expires.

Any info on above questions will be of great help to me!

  1. Yes you can extend with a cap-exempt pettion.

  2. There is no timeline since its a cap exempt.

  3. I don’t think so.

  4. Ask your employer. You cannot extend by yourself.

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