Can I enter US on L2 visa but also keep H1B visa for future

My wife currently holds L2 visa. Her H1B visa got approved this year in 2016 and she is in India currently. She will get her H1B stamped in Oct, but she is planning to take sabbatical for 2 months and travel to US to me on L2B visa.

Question 1: Will the visa interviewer cancel her L2 visa during H1B stamping?

Question 2: If she is able to keep both L2B and H1B, can she travel to US on L2B and not work here for 2 months? Later, she will work for same firm who filed for her H1B, whether from India or US, but she wants to take a break from work currently for 2 months. Is that possible?

Appreciate the quick response.

  1. They may. It is the officer’s discretion

  2. She can enter on L-2 and not work for few months. When she is ready to work, then file COS from L-2 to H-1, or enter US on stamped H-1 visa; and then start working on H-1. Until then, she cannot work on H-1.