Can I enter in USa on H1b before October


My H1b is approved and i want to Land in August on H1b but i know i wont be able to work before October. Can i do it. Just to mention here that i also have B1 Visit Visa and i have visited USA thrice. can I travel on B1 and then convert to H1 while remaining in US or I enter on H1b in August and start my job in October. please guide.

You have 3 options:

  1. Enter US on H-1B on or after Sep 20th.

  2. Enter US on B-1 and then leave US later; and return on H-1B visa on or after Sep 20th

  3. Enter US on B-1 and apply for COS from B-1 to H-1. This could run into issues related to intent of using B-1. If COS is applied within 30 days of landing in US, chances of denial are high. If applied after 90 days then chances of denial are low.

thanks saurabh. this is really helpful indeed.