Can I enter different location in visitor visa

My wife will be traveling in a visitor visa as I cannot process her H4 visa. My h1b extension is in process, which my employer says will take nearly 6-9 months. So with an expired I94 I am unable to process her h4 instead, she has processed a visitor visa for 6 months.
Now the point here is, earlier I was in Portland, so visa has been processed as she will be coming to Portland. But in the meantime my amendment has been filed and I have moved to Minneapolis.

Now my question is, will she face any issue while entering Minneapolis?
As she is in a visitor visa and visa is for Portland.

Please help me out here experts.

The tourist visa is not for a specific location, but US in general. She may be asked about the purpose of trip when entering in Minneapolis, and if she has a valid response, she would be allowed to enter.