Can I do my H1B drop off and simultaneously schedule my fiance's H4 visa interview? I have a valid I797 for extension

Looking to go to India in December for my wedding and to get my visa re stamped. I qualify for the drop off process and hence will be doing that as soon as i land.

Since i don’t have a long time in India and don’t to push my wife’s interview to the very end with a short time remaining; I planned to have her Visa interview right after the wedding but potentially before my H1B is stamped from the drop off process.

Is this ok? I see that there is no requirement to carry a valid US H1 Visa for the H4 stamping as long as a I797 is present. Should I wait for my my stamping to be complete before my wife has her interview?

It should be fine as long as your H1B is valid and you have a valid role and working in US. Yes, all you need is the approval notice and supporting documents. No need to wait.