Can I change my job after getting a GC through L1-A visa


Q1. Is it posible to change a job after I get a Gereen Card. I apply for the Green Card on basis of L1A / L1b visa. ?

Q2: When can I apply for a GC after getting the L1A visa?

Thanks and regards, DVM

I don’t know the answer to Q2, but for Q1, you can work at Walmart after getting GC.

  1. Yes, one can change jobs after getting the GC. Your L-1 employer can also apply GC for you (no PERM process required in this case)

  2. Usually companies wait for at least 6 months before starting the GC process. This is done typically to demonstrate that the employer is satisfied with your performance and wants to hire you on a permanent basis. If the employer wants, they can file even prior to 6 months but most of them wait for at least 6-12 months.

Thanks Saurabh, your answer is extremely useful and amoung the best which I can use for my applications.

Thanks, dPat. I initially had to scratch my head to understand your reference of Walmart. Now I got it. You mean to say I can seek a job anywhere on getting GC. Thanks for your great answer.