Can I change my employer in India while my H1B visa is under process ?

A US company has applied for my H1B visa for this year (FY-2014) and its currently under process. Currently I am working in a different company in India. I will be going to work for US company post OCT 13.

My question is:

I got a good offer from other company in India. Can I change my Indian employer now considering the fact that my H1B visa under process. I want to join this company in India even though its for 2-3 months (as this could be a good learning experience for me). Finally post Oct I will be joining US company only.

Will they ask questions in Visa Interview regarding this? Can this move cause any negative impact on my visa processing?

Change in your Indian employer will not impact the H-1 processing as the H-1 was filed a different employer. They usually don’t ask why Indian employer was changed. But carry your updated resume and experience letters when appearing for the stamping.

Thanks Saurabh for the prompt reply :slight_smile: