Can I change from h4 to f1


I am currently on h4 visa. Can I change to F1 and apply for internships in universities? Or is it that I have to get an internship confirmed first and then do COS?

I already have done my Masters from IIT in India. Trying for some options to utilise time wisely. Would be great if anyone could help. Thanks in advance.

You do NOT need to have internship to apply for COS. You can speak to your international student advisor and change to F1 visa anytime you want. Having said that, you need to check with your school, how soon would you be eligible for applying for internships to work in USA. Typically, Good schools require about 2 semesters before a student can start to work as intern. There are some schools that offer CPT from day one, but it can be a trap and you need to check carefully everything and take a decision.

What school are you talking about? As I mentioned, I have already completed my Masters and do not intend to do a Master again here in US. I just want to apply to some internship opportunities available. So I wanted to ask whether I can do it being on h4 or can I do it by being enrolled in any college/university??

You cannot work on H4 and F1 visa is only given for students. You could have applied for H1B earlier this year, but that option is over for this year. You have only one choice, find a job at a University or non-profit org and ask them to apply for H1B under cap exempt quota. Or, you have to wait till next year to apply for H1B. Also, if your spouse has approved I-140 you can apply for EAD and work. Speak to your spouse.

I do know about the other options… anyway thanks!