Can I change employer within one week of joining another company in H1b?

I was working in Company A and applied for transfers to Company B and Company C and both got approved. I joined Company B and got to know that work is not what i expected and i don’t want to continue there, so i decided to join Company C.

  1. Is there any issues i will be facing if i’m quitting Company B within less than a week?

  2. Does my employment with Company B will be considered as experience on USCIS perspective in future even though i worked only for 2 to 3 days?

  3. What are the documents i need to gather from Company B while i’m quitting?

  4. Do i need to inform Company C about my joining in Company B?

  5. I had 2 days gap between Company A and Company B,since i’m quitting Company B with in 3 days of employment with Company B without generating payroll is this gap also considered for calculating 60 days grace period of out of status.

  6. When i’m going for stamping, do i need to mention about my employment with Company B. Do i need to fill in DS160 about Employment with B?

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Please post the exact dates like the Company A I-94 expiration date, Company B(also the same details of company C) transfer filing date, approval date, valid till date etc).
What date you have joined Comp B, what date you ended with B, what date you have started with C. What was your last paystub date (date of last day payment) with Company A.