Can I attend the H1B interview other than residence country (INDIA)

Dear Friends

Good day and greetings from Malaysia.

I am Venkat from India and currently working in Malaysia.

Recently my H1B petition was approved and I would like to clarify few
questions prior to attend the VISA interview at US Embassy KualaLumpur.

With reference to my H1B approval notice, the information suggests to attend the VISA interview at Hyderabad US consulate, India. I am staying in Malaysia as an employee since from January 2010 to the present date. Can I attend the VISA in Malaysia? I am having all the supportive documents (2 year Income tax pay slips, offer letters and current employee letter ) to show that I am a legal employee in Malaysia.

I am willing to attend the VISA with my family (spouse and child (4 years)). Applicants under age 14 have exception to attend the VISA Interview in Malaysia. Even this rule is applicable for the applicants from India (residence country) ?

Your feedback is highly appreciated

I look forward to hear from you

Thanking you


I would suggest calling US consulate in Malaysia and asking them about this. Different consulates have different policies around TCNs (third country nationals).

Hai Venkat,

This is kumar,am from India and working in Malaysia.

am Applying for H1B visa, Can i attend interview in Malaysia Embassy ?

Your reply will help a lot.

Thanks in Advance.