Can i attend interview in Canada : Letter from USCIS

Hi, I am currently working in Canada. I had applied H1B with COS through an consultant while I was in US on an L1 visa and have it approved now,

Can I attend my Visa In Canada since I work in Canada.

I had got the below notice from USCIS .

“ The beneficiary’s L1B non-immigrant status expired on June 31 2013 . It is noted that the request for the extension of the beneficiary’s L1B non immigrant extension was denied on September 27, 2013 , leaving the beneficiary without valid non immigrant status at the start date of the intended H1B employment, October 1, 2013.”

“Even though the beneficiary is ineligible for the requested change of status, the beneficiary may depart the United States and apply for the proper visa at a consulate abroad”

“Please not that the approved I-129 petition for classification of the beneficiary as an H1B non-immigrant has been forwarded to the consulate in Chennai, India, as requested in Part 4 of the for I-129. If the beneficiary has any questions about the Visa issuance, please contact the consulate directly”

My question is : “ Can I attend my interview in Canada, Since I work in Canada. Else I need to plan a visit to Chennai for this particular purpose, which is a pain”