Can I attend H1B visa interview in the third country?

Dear Team.

I am an Indian citizen, working in Malaysia. Recently, my H1B case was approved FY2022 and in the I-797B notice it was mentioned Consulate as HYDERABAD in India. However, I am residing in Malaysia as an Employment Pass holder, can I attend the visa interview at US Embassy in Malaysia?

Kindly assist me here, thank you…!

If the US consulate in Malaysia allows TCN (3rd country nationals) for H1B stamping then you can schedule the visa interview at the nearest consulate. It is not mandatory to go to the consulate mentioned in the petition.

Call or email the consulate to check if they will allow TCN.

Thanks, Kalpesh. I have emailed US Embassy in Malaysia to confirm the same.

Hi, you can attend the interview in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am an Indian working in Malaysia. You can reach me if you need more details.

Hey, Thanks SubbaR. I couldn’t find your contact to reach or personally message you from here, could u please share your contact to connect with you?

Also, I received a response from US Embassy in Malaysia that any person who is legally present in Malaysia can attend for visa interview.

Hi, Ok that’s good. You can provide your contact or email. Thanks

Definitely, you can reach me on this email please