Can I atleast get some sort of H1B stamp even if my NIE is denied

Hi, I have a dropbox appointment, and have an NIE letter written by myself. Lets say worst case scenario, my NIE gets denied, but do I also atleast get an H1B visa stamp on my passport with NIE denied?
I plan to then travel via Mexico to enter US.


There was a recent ruling against the no visa policy due to PP10199.

Also starting November, US will allow entry of fully vaccinated travellers from the travel ban country however its not clear whether PP10199 will be withdrawn and Consulates will start issuing visas without NIE.

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Thank you so much for the information!

@supal_bhosale Would you be able to share your experience with H1b Dropbox appointment and NIE? I am in similar situation and my appointment is coming up in couple of weeks.

I have cancelled my appointment and will be taking it sometime in the month of November. I will update once it gets over.

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