can i ask the company i tranfer h1b to to pay fees?

my current employer knows that i’m keen to move to another city and has agreed to file for h1b but said i’d hv to pay the fees for the visa. if i transfer to another job after my current employer files for visa and before i get the it i.e before oct, can i ask my new employer to pay the fees bcoz i paid or thats a lost cause and there’s no way i can recover the amount?

Also, does trying to transfer in between i.e before getting ur visa hamper the process or delay it?

Legally, the employer is required to pay for the fees. If you end up paying it, then it is b/w you and your employer how to sort that out in case of leaving employment.

Your H-1 can be transfered (i.e. another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you) only after the 1st H-1 petiiton has been approved. Until then, you are not eligible for this.