can i apply to do changes in name in passport application ?

my mother had appointment on 5/9/13 and i filled up application form with her name Hansaben and i have all documents with this name only except school living certy has name Hansabahen… At psk they have changed the name in application form to Hansabahen from Hansaben and my mother didnt notice that… now can i go at psk to change that name to Hansaben? as my sister has filed for us with name of Hansaben

PSK accepts names as per date of birth certificate. If school leaving certificate is the only acceptable document for her date of birth, then you can not change it now.

Pl note PAN card, Driving license, Election card are NOT accetable proofs for date of birth.

Board / Matriculation certificate would have been accepted if you had them with correct name.

Before going to PSK , make sure you have proper documentation