Can i apply new H1B from India on my own


My spouse has H1B. I have [b]not [/b]yet applied for H4.

my spouse employer will send my spouse to US in the month of April/May 2013.

So can i apply for H1B being in India in premium mode (can i find any sponser in US being in India). So than i can know if my petition will get approved or not in April month itself. So that i can travel along with my wife to US.


How difficult is it for this year (2013 new H1B). I heard that this year the H1B Cap will be reached in April it self.

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Assuming you can get a sponsor for H1B, you’ll not be able to accompany your wife in April/May 2013. This is irrespective of premium or normal processing.

This is because anyone getting H1b from 2013-14 quota cannot start working before 1st October 2013, and cannot travel before 10 days of actual start of work. So, the earliest you can come to US will be after 20th Sept 2013.