Can I apply H1B in house?


 I am currently on OPT, I trained in BA technology but i don't have any job yet and my consultant said he can't apply till i have a job. I am not sure I can get the job or not till the deadline. As an alternate my friend he just open new recruiting company. He has no transaction, no client. Still can I apply H1B as a creating project in    in-house on this company?  Do I need to run the payroll? or can you suggest me any other way?

Can I change the LCA certi after filing the h1b?


Simple Answer, H1 has to go through a lottery system, after which the documents will be verified.

So, without client letters the probability is less but depends on what inhouse projects you friend has.

My friend doesnt have any project. Do you have any idea what kind of project we show so it will be help… or suppose I will get the job in 2nd week of april then can i change details like LCA or add client latter? Thanks for prompt reply…!!!

H1B is for Skilled workers.
Any kind of development jobs, solution designing work your friend has.
Any kind of implementation work, R&D.

No, it has to be done before April 5th 2015

you are on OPT, you can find sponsors easily. go for some other employer