Can i apply for premium processing for H1B 2017 FY now ?

Can I apply for premium processing of H1b now for FY 2017 … I have received my receipt number in 1st week of may 2017?If yes how ? and what is fee for it ?

Yes, it can be applied. The fees is 1225.00 USD

Hi Saurabh… thanks for your reply …
just wanted to know …what is the process for it and how much time it will take after applying now ?
I have heard if we go for premium processing at this point of time … there are high chances of RFE … is it true or rumour ?

The employer/attorney have to apply for PP. I think that’s form 907.

Its a urban legend that upgrading to PP results in RFE. Who knows what it would have resulted in had it not been upgraded.

Thanks Saurabh …
Hoping for the best …