Can I apply for Language school to maintain F1 though I got degree in US


My opt will expire on 2/23/13, and I just received denial notice for my H1b application. I found a new employer but my visa expires soon. Can I go to language school to maintain F1 even though I had a master degree in US?


I think your case might be of interest to us. Which city are you in presently?

Dr. Sandeep Shankar


Colorado Heights University


I am an international student currently in MSU North Dakota. Recently my f-1 status has been terminated by my DSO because I couldn’t pay the certain amount of tuition on the given date. When I asked for the solution, I have been told to leave the country and re-entry or do the reinstatement. Chances of going back to India and re-entering seems a dead end. Do you have any advice or suggestions since I don’t have enough time here to stay. And do you think any other college would give me admission with a new I-20 to maintain my status?

I really appreciate your response.

This might be best resolved by discussing with Dean of Admissions of the Language School you are planning to apply to. Language skills are separate from technical skills based Master’s programs so you will not be questioned on the why or what in this case