Can i apply for H1b and also H4 extension at same time


My wife is on H4 dependent visa right now. I am applying for H1B with COS this year. Since her H4 is getting expired this oct 2013, i want to apply for H4 extenstion for my wife along with my h1 extension.

  1. Can i apply for her H4 extension and also H1b at the same time?

  2. What will happen if her H1B got approved first and then H4extension and Vice-versa?

  3. Can she continue on H4 even if her H1 got denied in case?

Please suggest.



I am also on the same boat. Please let me know if you know the answer

  1. Yes

  2. If both get approved prior to Oct 1, then H-1 will become effective from Oct 1. If either gets approved after Oct 1, then the one approved later will determine the eventual status.

  3. Yes, provided H-4 gets extended.