Can I apply for a H1 B visa through my Co&H4B (on husband's H1B)&hold both at the same time?Will one get canceled?

  1. My husband holds a valid H1 B. My Co. has initiated the process for mine, but as it is a lottery, we are not sure whether my petition will be approved.

  2. We donot want to stay apart and hence I wish to apply for a H4 B to be with my husband.

  3. Will my H1B process (initiated by the Co) be cancleed/ stopped or disqaulified in any way due to this OR will I not be able to apply for H4 B if my H1 B is in process for approval?

  4. Can I hold both these Visas together ?

5.Will I be able to apply for a conversion/sponsorship from H4 to H1, while in USA, WITHOUT resigning from my current Company. CAn i apply for such a conversion/ sponsorship if I am on a long leave(without pay).

am very anxious about these issues, please help.