Can H4 Visa Stamping done without L2-H4 conversion approval notice

Me and my wife are staying in USA since 2 Years. I am on L1B visa and my wife is on L2. Now my staus has been convert from L1B to H1B from this october and I received my approved I797 notice but my wife didn’t received her L2 to H4 conversion notice yet.
I am planning to visit India very soon. My question is can my wife’s H4 be stamped without her L2 to H4 conversion notice? Whatever reserch I have done refer that only my I797 approval is enough for my wife’s H4 stamping?

Hi Amit,

The L-2 to H-4 status change approval is a document used only in the US. This notice is not needed if an applicant travels abroad for stamping. Your research is correct - only your I-797 notice is needed.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Thanks a lot Dr. Shankar for quick reply. It gives me a sigh of relief.