Can h4 travel to US while primary applicants H1b transfer is pending and earlier i797 has revoked

My family got H4 visa stamp along with me in Oct 2013 and they never travel to US.

I came to US in Oct 2013 thru company A, after that I moved to company B in March 2014 with H1b transfer, my H1b transfer got RFE for client letter and pay slip, which has been responded in Apr 2014 and now I am waiting for approval to bring my family to US.

I checked my previous I-797(from company A) status, it has has been revoked in May 2014. In this case can my family travel to US with their existing H4 visa stamp(from company A), my new H1b transfer receipt(still pending for approval) and my latest pay slips.

Or should I have to wait for the H1 transfer approval to bring my family.

I read at couple of forums, that I-797 approval notice is also required at POE along with valid H4 visa.

Please suggest me if they can travel with these documents or suggest if any other documents are required.

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