Can H4 dependent go for stamping on Approved H1 while H4 extension is pending.

Hello Friends,

Both my wife (H4) and my H1 expired in Sep 2017 so before the expiration date my employer applied for my H1 extension and I (personally) applied for my wife’s H4 extension (She is staying in USA now with a valid receipt). I got my H1 Approved but her H4 is still pending and she has to travel to india in Oct 2017 and be back in Dec 2017.

Only she will be travelling to India.

So as her H-4 visa got expired in Sep 2017 she has to go for stamping.

  1. Can she go for H4 stamping based on my Approved H1 Extension?

  2. Will there be any questions asked regarding her H4 Visa extension (pending process)?

  3. Is there a chance of VISA rejection?

Your help is much appreciated.

I have the same situation, my wife’s H4 extension is pending (Her current H4 is expired) and I have H1b approved. Now she has to travel to india for some emergency. Can she get stamping with my approved H1B? If Yes, while filling DS 160, do I need to put my receipt number? Quick response appreciated.

Hello Chetan,
Yes during that time I have used my approved receipt number and everything went smooth.


@Chetan2.a, to add, if eligible, you can even get a dropbox approval. Check H4 Dropbox Experience

@spartan1983 thanks a lot friend. It really helps. Seems like I would be traveling india next week with my wife and since I need H1B extension stamping too, I am thinking I will file H4 extension and H1B extension on the same day.

Quick Question: will Biometric be done again? if yes, are there two different dates for this, one for Biometric and another for dropbox. ( Seems like I am eligible for drop box)

@Kumar Thanks kumar for quick reply. I read your H4 drop experience article, one question came in mind was wiill there be biometric again?

No, there will not be any biometrics for Dropbox appointment.