Can H1B start date be pushed 1 or 2 years? What are the implications?

I have an approved and stamped H1B visa, valid from Oct 2019 to Oct 2022, I live outside the US and because of personal issues I would like to -pause- the use or start of the visa (maybe 1 year)?

  1. What if my sponsor tells me they can´t wait for me?
  2. Will my current sponsor be affected in any way for waiting for me 1 or 2 years?

Thank you!

  1. Well, if you do not have a job, then you need to find a new role with a new employer.
  2. No, they will not be affected, but they have spent some money on you, so that’s their investment.

There is no concept of pausing…when you try to use it, whenever that is, you need to make sure, you have the right LCA, right job and everything in place with all updated details. Discuss with their attorney as well during that time and make sure all is perfect.