Can H1B RFE due to non sumbission of one semester marksheet?


I have got an RFE but the reasons are unknow as of now.


Could it be due to non sumbission of one semester RFE?


I have submitted the consolidated MS, 7 individual semester markseet and course completion. I lost my 1st semester marksheet.


Will this be a problem? can i respond to RFE with my college transcripts if this is the case?

Just wait for RFE explaination(it will come in a week or 2). Unfortunately nobody can help!

I understand your impatience.

That depends on case to case and the officer who examines ur case… U may or may not… Just wait till u get notified

Highly unlikely to get RFE for that reason.

Also, haven’t you done education credential evaluation??!! (This converts your local grades to US standard grades)

Pretty much everybody who I know did this when they apply…