Can H1B own 2 companies/ business

Hello, I m on H1B working for employer A , (approved with client B in 2020)
Visa ending in Dec 2022 (i140 approved).

2021 I started to own 49% as investment partner in a new company. ( 6 months in losses) LLC
2022 I want to start second new company (again as investment partner) for another business on my name. C-Corp Inc.

However my H1B is up for renewal with same employer A and client C (since 2021) .
Question is :: if I own two businesses on my name, will I face any problem with USCIS renewal this year processing for approvals or during visa stamping ?

The bottom line is you could own 10 companies on H1B as a passive investor but you can’t actively work for any of these companies or get involved in day to day operations or management, paid or unpaid in manner. Also these companies should not be your H1B sponsoring employers.

Consult a immigration lawyer to find out if there are any other gotcha to consider.

Haha :slight_smile: great yes all your points are already taken care n still have one full time job thru a diff employer. Sure will do thank you for your inputs :slight_smile: