Can H1 petition be revoked before it is approved?

I am on F1 visa and just started working on OPT. My employer has filed my H1 peition for 2015. But, I got an offer from other good company. If I decide to join another employer, Can my current employer revoke the H1b peition filed before the receipt is issued or H1 petition is approved?

you should wait until your petision get approval.because if you revoke it now than you have to wait for next year to file a new H1.but if you just wait till your approval and than you can transfer your H1 to any other employer during anytime in the you should concern about new H1 and transfer of H1.

yes,unless your new employer is cap excempted or non profit org than you can file your new H1 anytime during the try to utilize your luck of being selected in lottery and wait till it gets approve.after that you will have all those ways open.

best of luck