Can H1-B visa filing soft copy of receipt used in next company?

Hi Sir,

Before 2 weeks H1B visa got filed (1129 PETITION) and received visa receipt from my present x company soft copy of Form I-797C

Now I am serving notice period in present company X. Moving to next company Y in next 2 months.

Will I be able to use this soft copy of the receipt and further process my H1-B in my next company Y?

Considering that the next company will take the responsibility to make the filing for me?

So in this case I am using my visa cap reserved for me for 2013?

You may use the approved petition copy for H1B transfer to your new employer.

The filing process has to be done by your employer.

Once you have an approved H1B, you can use that petition to file another cap-exempt petition for a different employer.