Can H1 amendment, Spouse COS(H1->H4) and H4 EAD be filed concurrently?

I have an approved I140 and i moved to a new location. I am going to file my H1 amendment in premium. Can i file COS for my spouse and H4 EAD along with my h1 amendment premium processing? Will this expedite her COS and H4 EAD process?

You can file H4EAD COS along with your amendment but I doubt it will expedite the EAD process. These are two different forms and two different processes with their own processing times. But it is still worth a shot I guess.

Will it expedite the CoS process?

I highly doubt it. There is no premium processing for H4 EAD yet.

Hi. Did you try filing them together? If so, was the COS and EAD processing expedited?

I did file all of them together and all three got approved in premium processing time. I also did this again when I filed for my extension this year.